Integration with Bambora

Payment through ePay/Bambora can be integrated as a natural part of your webshop, so your customers can easily and securely pay by credit card.

For at komme i gang skal du oprette en konto hos Bambora. Når den er klar, kan du indtaste dine konto-koder i Shopstart administrationen, og så er du klar.

Click here for more information about ePay/Bambora PRO+ subscription.

  • Super easy setup - order in the administration with a few clicks
  • Receive Visa/Dankort, Visa, Electron, Mastercard and Maestro
  • Redemption agreement included
  • Quick creation - 3-5 days
  • Everything is handled in Shopstart - you do not need to learn new systems
  • Possibility of expanding with MobilePay Online
  • Possibility to expand with pure Dankort


149 DKK per month

0,25 DKK per transaction (the first 250.00/month is free)

1,45% on privately issued cards in the EU

2,95% on cards issued outside the EU and company cards