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Naturally, as a broker of webshop solutions, we take security very seriously! Below you can read about some of the key points in relation to the safety of Shopstart webshops.


All Shopstart webshops automatically use SSL connections. This means that your webshop is located on a https:// address, and the connection is therefore encrypted between the customer and the webshop. The same applies to the administration where you control your webshop.

SSL is included in all webshops (with or without subscription) and is free.


Shopstart uses multiple backup systems that can be used in case of crashes or hardware failures.

All data is mirrored to a live backup, which is located at a different physical location than the primary servers.

Each night, a full backup of all data is also generated, which is also stored in another physical location.

These systems run in the background and will (hopefully) never be used. But if they do, it will happen as soon as possible and probably without you noticing.

Personal data protection

Shopstart uses a data processing agreement in our agreement with the customer (you). This agreement commits Shopstart ApS to a wide range of actions regarding the protection of personal data.

Examples of commitments:

  • Strict control of internal access to data
  • No access to data from 3rd party
  • Information obligation regarding security breaches
  • No physical storage of data outside the EU
  • Deleting data on terminated agreement

The agreement is part of our terms of trade, and therefore covers all webshops created under Shopstart.

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